We put patients first, plain and simple.

We keep you informed, help deliver high quality care, and keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.


We accomplish this by working with leading health plans such as: Anthem, Aetna, United,
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Florida Blue, Capital BlueCross and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of  Texas.


Lower your out-of-pocket expenses


Access to high quality implants for your procedure


Straightforward billing and statements


Access to a financial support team

“Because my doctor was able to perform my knee replacement surgery at a facility using IPG, my out-of-pocket bill was significantly lower. Their great customer service and easy online payment made for a hassle-free experience.”

Knee Replacement Patient
North Carolina


IPG collaborates with health plans, care providers, physicians, and implant manufacturers
to help lower the cost of your surgery and implantable device.
The IPG Patient Process

1. You're Having a Procedure

Your procedure involves an implantable device, anything from a pacemaker to a screw.

2. IPG Makes Your Procedure More Affordable

Your health insurance carrier, facility and physician have partnered with IPG to make this procedure more affordable.

3. IPG Is Here For You

Even before your procedure, the IPG Patient Services team is here to answer questions and share important pre-surgery information, including your estimated cost.

4. IPG Bills Your Insurance Carrier

After your procedure, IPG will bill your insurance carrier for the implantable device.

5. You Only Pay What Insurance Didn't Cover

You will only be billed for the portion of the implantable device cost not covered by your insurance. IPG Patient Services team is here to answer any questions on your billing statement.

6. Convenient Online Payment

IPG makes it easy to pay online and even receive payment reminders.
IPG helped you receive a high quality implant
while keeping your out of pocket expenses low!


by creating your patient profile today!
  • Easy communication with your IPG Patient Services Coordinator
  • Access your straightforward billing and statements
  • Make a payment and view your outstanding balance

Patient Services

Available for your service from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST Monday – Friday


Who is IPG?

IPG is an approved partner of your insurance provider and surgery facility that handles the billing, coordination, and reimbursement of the implantable device services used in your surgery. Device services may include implants, biologics, or surgical tools and supplies.

What is my involvement with IPG?

  • IPG will fund the devise services used in your surgery.
  • IPG will bill your insurance carrier and obtain reimbursement for the device services used in your surgery.
  • It is possible your carrier may send payment/reimbursement for the device services used in your surgery directly to you. This payment is owed to IPG, the supplier of the device services. If this occurs, IPG will contact you with remittance instructions.
  • You may be responsible for the deductible and co-insurance on your policy. IPG will send you a statement outlining your responsibility of the bill.


What is IPG’s involvement in my procedure?

Different services are provided as part of your procedure, such as facility services, anesthesia, physician services, implants, other medical devices used, etc. IPG specifically handles implant or device services for your surgery center. As in any agreement, you are obligated to pay for the implant services provided to you during your procedure.

What Health Plans is IPG partnered with?

We are partnered with 24 leading health plans including: Anthem, Aetna, United, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Florida Blue, Capital BlueCross, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

I received a statement from IPG and I do not understand why I owe this amount?

We are the company that supplied the implant or device services for your surgery.  These items were necessary for your procedure.  Your insurance has paid out their portion and the balance due is the co-insurance or deductible that is the patient’s responsibility.

I have a deductible & co-insurance on my plan. Am I responsible for paying the surgery center or IPG for my implant or other parts used?

It depends, as each person’s insurance coverage varies. In some cases, the surgery center may collect your full deductible and/or co-insurance or only the portion directly related to the services the surgery center provides. Once your surgery center has collected any payment, any unpaid balances are owed directly to IPG. This can include any remaining or unmet deductible or co-insurance. You will never pay more than you are required to under your individual insurance plan.

Does IPG accept credit cards?

Yes, IPG accepts most major credit cards. You can easily find your balance and make a safe and secure payment online at www.ipgpatientadvantage.com.

Does IPG accept recurring payment plans?

Yes, subject to approval and certain conditions. Please call IPG’s Patient Services team toll-free at 866.295.1260 and they will be happy to assist you with this.

This is my final payment, may I receive something showing my account is now closed?

Yes, IPG will be happy to provide you a patient statement showing a zero balance with the account paid in full. To request this, please contact IPG’s Patient Services team toll free at 866.295.1260.